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Fairytales & conspiraciesFairytales & conspiraciesFairytales & conspiracies

“With my blockchain based edition “Fairytales & Conspiracies”, I wanted to create NFTs that are more than digitally certified artworks. My objective was to make conceptual use of this new technology within the framework of references that I have built over the span of my career. The result brings together the new world of purely digital NFTs with the tangible, old world of fine art prints to discuss questions related to authorship, originality, ownership and what constitutes an artwork. Each NFT consists of a Liquid Poster, whose single elements are solidified by selecting an individual artwork, which is then also delivered as a fine art digital print. I created the motifs from the huge image archive of action press.”

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Select the Liquid Poster.

Click the Liquid Poster on the frames you like the most.

If the frame you selected has been sold, the algorithm will propose the next closest selection to yours that is still available.

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“Fairytales & Conspiracies” by Tobias Rehberger

NFT art project based on 5 different video motifs.

Multimedia artworks composed of images selected by the artist from “action press AG” archive containing more than 160 million images.
Each video motif has its individual soundtrack composed by the renowned producer of electronic music Markus Nikolai.

NFT Edition Size:
Total edition size “Fairytales & Conspiracies”: 3.780

Each NFT includes:
  • a high-resolution digital image of the selected frame of a Liquid Poster video clip (unique jpg-file with 7.087 x 9.449 pixels; equivalent to 300 dpi with an edge length of 60 x 80 cm; the file will be hosted on IPFS)
    CAVEAT: If the frame you selected has already been sold, our algorithm will propose to you the frame closest to your initial selection that is still available!
  • physical fine art paper print of the selected frame in poster format 59,4 x 79,4 cm (unique + signed by hand by Tobias Rehberger; including international shipping to buyer’s address)

Technical Details:
Network: Ethereum Mainnet
Smart Contract Type: ERC 1155
Hosting of Metadata: IPFS

NFT Drop: Oct 3rd, 2022 - 19:00 CET

About the work

“Fairytales and Conspiracies” is a series of animated digital collages that are deeply rooted in the surrealist tradition. Using typographic elements that are quotes of Max Frisch’s book “questionnaire” the pieces raises thought-provoking questions about the state of our world and the individual in today’s society.

While collages traditionally are based on found imagery print media, Rehberger created these collages digitally, using the image stock of one of the biggest image archives in the world: venture partner action press international.

When offered the possibility to publish these collages as NFTs, Rehberger developed a unique concept for them, unprecedented in the art world: By animating the collages he created “Liquid Posters” in which the compositions of the collages are constantly in motion as elements float, turn, grow, shrink and travel across the image pane in loops ranging from 18 to 36 seconds.

With these artworks, Rehberger has found a way to combine many elements and motifs well known to his oeuvre with a clever new use of the technological advantages NFTs offer, to create a unique concept for this digital artwork. “Fairytales and Conspiracies” taps into a subject that has been central to Rehberger’s work since the beginning of his career: the position of the artist in the process of authorship. While an NFT’s main benefit, in the context of art, is to certify the originality of a (digital) work of art, Rehberger questions it by handing over the final decision about the artistic composition to the buyer, letting them decide which configuration of the collaged elements should be their “original Rehberger”. Owning such a solidified “Liquid Poster” as an NFT - including a digital image of the frame as well as a paper-printed poster with autograph signature - touches on the question of what is an authentic and original artwork.

The unique score of the underlying videos of the NFTs was composed and recorded by renowned electronic musician Markus Nikolai.

About the artist

Tobias Rehberger (Esslingen, 1966, lives and works in Frankfurt/Main) is one of the most influential and successful German artists of his generation. For more than 30 years, he has been building a consistent body of work in which he undermines artistic ideals such as genius and authenticity. Using strategies from many other fields and disciplines, Tobias Rehberger examines the meaning of art and what the future possibilities for art production are. The objects he creates are versatile and can be repeatedly adapted to the context in which they are meant to function. In this way, Rehberger’§s oeuvre evolves into an unpredictable and playful whirlpool of shapes and colours.

About the music

Markus Nikolai is a German electronic music producer, deejay and performer, co-founder of labels Perlon and More Down Than Out.

Born in Frankfurt, Markus learned several musical instruments from his grandfather, a conductor – incl. piano, guitar, drums, percussions and, most prominently, accordion. In 1983 he founded his first EBM/industrial band Whetzon Churchill. Markus also started DJ’ing in 1986-87.

In the mid-nineties, along with graphic artist Chris Rehberger, the trio founded the audio-visual project Pile, an experiment in melding music, graphic design, philosophy, film and architecture. In 1997, they released the Modern album on Sony/Epic and 2 years later the group toured in Europe as part of the Daimler Chrysler futuristic art exhibition Lab 0.1.

Markus also contributes to countless other projects, including Florida with Thomas Brinkmann, Darren with Chris Rehberger, Pico Rocco with Max Loderbauer from Sun Electric. He also started the band Morane with acoustic musician Theo Krieger and Annika Müller de Vries.


An NFT is a unique digital item stored on a decentralized computer network aka a blockchain. NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token.

If an asset is fungible, it means that you can exchange it for another one of the same kind, and it will hold the same value. It’s interchangeable.

Think about a two-euro coin. If you exchange it for another two-euro coin or two one-euro coins, you receive exactly the same value in turn. Or take, for example, a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Each token is an exact copy of the others; you receive the same value when you trade one bitcoin for another.

Non-fungible assets aren’t interchangeable. Some examples from the physical world are a painting, a trading card, or a concert ticket. Note that you can’t split these assets into smaller units, unlike fungible ones. They’re unique.

NFTs allow applying these non-fungibility characteristics in the digital world.

NFTs can represent ownership of physical items in a digital format (= digital proof of ownership of physical objects). The even greater innovation is that NFTs can also represent rights over natively digital items such as digital images or digital audio files. This has opened up to the possibility to create unique digital items for the first time.

Each of Tobias Rehberger’s “Fairytales & Conspiracies” NFTs references a digital image as well as a physical fine art print on paper – thus exploring all capabilities of NFT technology.

You can acquire NFTs from Tobias Rehberger’s “Fairytales & Conspiracies” edition in two ways:

a) Via a so-called wallet compatible with the cryptocurrency network Ethereum: Coinbase Wallet or MetaMask. In this case, the payment of your NFTs has to be conducted in the cryptocurrency ETH. You have purchase ETH with a credit card in the wallet itself or at a crypto exchange and transfer it from there to your wallet.

b) You can also conveniently pay for the NFTs you selected directly on our site with a credit card. In this case, your NFTs will be stored safely with us until further notice. In the confirmation email for your purchase, we will send you a link under which you can have us transfer your NFTs to your wallet free of charge at a later date, as soon as you have created a wallet for Ethereum NFTs.

We support the following Ethereum wallet solutions: Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask and WalletConnect. Of those we recommend using Coinbase Wallet and MetaMask. See the video links below for instructions how to set up and use Coinbase Wallet and MetaMask:

How to set up and use Coinbase wallet:
How to set up and use MetaMask wallet:

See video link below for instructions how to fund Coinbase Wallet or MetaMask with the cryptocurrency ETH (which you can use to buy “Fairytales & Conspiracies” NFTs):

How to fund a MetaMask wallet:

Each “Fairytales & Conspiracies” NFT references both, a digital as well as a physical object:

  • a high-resolution digital image of the selected frame of a Liquid Poster video clip (unique jpg-file with 7.087 x 9.449 pixels; equivalent to 300 dpi with an edge length of 60 x 80 cm; the file will be hosted on IPFS)
  • a physical fine art paper print of the selected frame in poster format 59,4 x 79,4 cm (unique + signed by hand by Tobias Rehberger; including international shipping to buyer’s address)

All high-resolution digital images of solidified “Fairytales & Conspiracies” posters that are referenced by “Fairytales & Conspiracies” NFTs are stored on the decentralized storage solution “Inter-Planetary File System” (IPFS). IPFS is commonly accepted as the gold standard when it comes to storing NFT metadata. Unlike a centralized server that can be shut down by a single entity (= the owner of the server), because of its decentralized nature files stored on IPFS are more resilient against actions of a single actor.

  1. Click on “Import tokens” located at the bottom of the “Assets” tab on your wallet homepage.
  2. Switch to the “Custom token” tab at the top, and then enter the “Fairytales & Conspiracies” token address 0x1D41518a2c8229b04dAd2dD24D262Af7A8b01cAD in the first field.
  3. The “Token Symbol” should autofill.
  4. For “Token Decimal” enter “0”.
  5. Click “Add Custom Token”
  6. You will now see a page asking you to confirm that you want to add the token. When you click “Import Tokens”, the token type will be added to your wallet.

For further information, please follow the links below:

Please note, that MetaMask currently does support receiving and holding ERC-1155 NFTs (the technical standard used by “Fairytales and Conspiracies”), however does not display these tokens flawlessly in the wallet UI.

To make sure, your Ethereum address holds your “Fairytales & Conspiracies” NFT we recommend looking up your public Ethereum address on Etherscan and checking your balance under “Erc1155 token transactions”. Your correct token balance will be displayed there.

“Fairytales & Conspiracies” is an NFT edition on the Ethereum blockchain using the latest and most advanced technical standard for NFTs ERC-1155.

At the moment several wallets such as MetaMask allow for ERC-1155 tokens to be received and held, but don’t support sending these NFTs to other Ethereum addresses yet.

To send “Fairytales & Conspiracies” NFTs to another Ethereum address, the easiest option is to connect your MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet browser extension to the NFT marketplace OpenSea ( and use its functionality OpenSea transfer.

To transfer an NFT using OpenSea transfer function please follow the steps described in the link below:

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