About the work

„Fairytales and Conspiracies“ is a series of animated digital collages that are deeply rooted in the surrealist tradition. Using typographic elements that are quotes of Max Frisch’s book „questionnaire“ the pieces raises thought-provoking questions about the state of our world and the individual in today’s society.

While collages traditionally are based on found imagery print media, Rehberger created these collages digitally, using the image stock of one of the biggest image archives in the world: venture partner Action Press International.

When offered the possibility to publish these collages as NFTs, Rehberger developed a unique concept for them, unprecedented in the art world: By animating the collages he created “liquid posters”in which the compositions of the collages are constantly in motion as elements float, turn, grow, shrink and travel across the image pane in loops ranging from 18 to 36 seconds.

With these artworks, Rehberger has found a way to combine many elements and motifs well known to his oeuvre with a clever new use of the technological advantages NFTs offer, to create a unique concept for this digital artwork. “Fairytales and Conspiracies” taps into a subject that has been central to Rehberger’s work since the beginning of his career: the position of the artist in the process of authorship. While an NFT’s main benefit, in the context of art, is to certify the originality of a (digital) work of art, Rehberger questions it by handing over the final decision about the artistic composition to the buyer, letting them decide which configuration of the collaged elements should be their “original Rehberger”. Owning the “liquid poster” as an NFT including a digital image of the frame as well as optionally a poster with an original signature touches on the tension of the definition of an authentic and original artwork.

The unique score of the underlying videos of the NFTs was composed and recorded by renowned electronic musician Markus Nikolai.